My Music Collection

Not really sure why these list are here, I just like talking with people about what I've heard, having the list online comes in handy. It also acts as proof for people who, at first, don't believe how much music I listen to. I've been collecting and digitising music since about 1999, so it's taken a long time to build up a collection of this size of material I either like or feel is worth listening to in order to expand my musical boundaries. As can be seen, my music interests are largely in rock, metal and punk, so that makes up the vast majority of my collection. My stats can be seen here.

All of the music is stored in MP3 format, usually LAME encoded at 192kbit/s CBR, but more recently I've switched to using 192kbit/s ABR. I'm sticking with MP3, despite it being outdated as more modern codecs offer superior bitrate vs quality compromise, purely for convenience and compatibility reasons. I have also started storing lessless music (using FLAC) but that collection is currently much smaller as ripping all these CDs gets boring quick (and takes up so much space, no sooner do I buy a new hard drive I'm running out of space again).

This list is created by using the "Generate HTML Playlist" option in Nullsoft Winamp, then modified a little to fit in with the colour scheme of this website.
Please note the list is very large (page content is 3,785 KiB) and may take a while to fully load in your browser.

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Music list last updated: Saturday 27th August 2011

My Film Collection

Similarly, this is a list of all my films. I've been collecting films and shrinking down their large file sizes since 2002. A nice avi or mkv is also massively more convenient and navigatable than a DVD or Blu-Ray.
Initially I encoded video footwage using a MPEG4 Part 2 codec (either DivX or XviD) but lately I have switched to encoding using x264. Likewise, audio migrated from MP3 format LAME encoded at 160kbit/s VBR, to Ogg Vorbis Quality 6. All audio is down-muxed to stereo.

The list of videos is stored in a MySQL database and retrieve by PHP. Rudimentary sorting is currently possible.

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