Name: Ben Ponsford
User ID: n269675
Course Title: BSc (Hons) Computer & Network Technology, School Of Engineering
CG022 Practical Assignment, email me HERE

Sources used:
Index page "fish soup" picture modified from (added text)
Navigation Menu "smiley fish" picture modified from (made background transparent, cropped and resized)
Home page "online fish dating" picture modified from Google Image Search, image is apparently no longer on seach engine (made partially transparent and cropped)

Fish: Skylar - Original picture from
Fish: Senjita - Original picture from
Fish: Coral - Original picture from
Fish: Summer - Original picture from
Fish: Astra - No picture used yet

Images I created myself are:
All navigation bar buttons
Blue background, texture included with Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Pink background, modified version of "Soap Bubbles.bmp" included with Microsoft Windows 2000
Home page title image
All GIF/JPG images were created in Adobe Photoshop 7.0
All HTML/JavaScript/PERL was entered with Microsoft Notepad