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The beauties we have available for your pet at the moment are:

Now this is one hell of a pretty fish to start off with. This rockin' babe is looking for a another hip-fish to date, so if you think your fish is up to it, give her a try!
To view more detailed information about Skylar, click HERE

She may not look pretty, but it's personality that matters! And senjita is full of it. Once your fish gets to know her, they are bound to hit it off. To view more detailed information about Senjita, click HERE

But is it's looks your after (if you have a particularly shallow fish, for instance), this is the fish for your pet! And what a personality too. Coral is a winner on all fronts, you will not be disappointed. Not convinced? Then why not take a closer look. To view more detailed information about Coral, click HERE

Her blue and yellow lines remind you (well, maybe just me) of the sky on a clear summers day. The bright blue sky and the bright yellow sun. Though you'd need some hippy-trippy glasses or some LSD to get the colours to mix in wavy lines. But this is besides the point. Summer's personality is a match for her appearance, makig her the perfect treating for those long summer evenings.
To view more detailed information about Summer, click HERE

This saucy little number is just what the doctor ordered.
To view more detailed information about Astra, click HERE

The Service Levels

There are two serice levels available for use when arranging your date.

1). The Standard Service costs just 4.99, for which the date is set-up for your fish, all necessary details are given, and your fish is wished good luck on behalf of the web site development team.

2). The Gold Service costs slightly more at 14.99, but for this you get everything previously mention above, but instead of you having to take your fish to your date, a professional fish courrier serice will pick up your pet and deliver them to their chosen date.
Once the date has ended, the courrier will then pick up your pet and take them back home in luxury. Unless of your your pet is invited back to their date's tank or some warm, steamy, fishy action. In this case the courrier will be able to pick up your pet the following morning so long as the new address is phoned in, well in advance. This responsibly must unfortunately be placed on the owner, as a I'm sad to say, a fish has no legal responsibilities. Your pet will travle in style and luxury in both directions, with all needs catered from during the journey (we at "And... They Call It Guppy Love" do realise that your pet's date may not necessarily live to close to your pet).
Finally, we also offer the option for your pet to be delivered (in style, of course) to their date either punctually, or fashionably late. The choice is yours (or your fish's)....

With this range of services available, how can you resist? So check the dates on offer, then make that arrangement. But, don't forget the wide and varied range of extras we can provide, also at very competitive prices (especially considering there is no competition in this market).

A 9.99 booking administration charge remains in both cases. All prices exclude VAT.