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And... They Call It Guppy Love has been pairing potential fishy mates for well over a decade, and has caused many successful relationships that otherwise would just not of happened.
How much more convincing do you need? Below are some comments from some happy couples who were introduced by And... They Call It Guppy Love

I met my date through "And... They Call It Guppy Love", the service was fast and efficient. My owner kindly ordered the Gold Service for me, so I arrived by fishy limo to the palace of my dreams. I immediately hit it off with my date, as the details provided on the web site were very detailed and accurate. Altogetherm, a very pleasureable experience - I would recommend "And... They Call It Guppy Love" to all the fish in my fishtank. 5 stars.

Dave Allen, August 2000

Example 2

I found the serviced offered by "And... They Call It Guppy Love" to be very satisfactory. I would highly recommend anyone looking to enhance the life of their fish to give this site a go.

Bob Dole, March 1993

Company Info
And.. They Call It Guppy Love was started by a sad, pathetic fish lover who couldn't but despair at his tropical fish's loneliness.
So he looked on the web (still in it's very early stages in 1991) to try and find a dating agency to perk up the hapiness of his fish, and insert some jizz of romance and spark of lust into those deeply sad eyes. However, to his dismay, these was no other freakily disturbed persons of a similar ilk on the Internet (or at least at that time), so set up this web site, to cater for the other people like him (who he assumed existed). To this extent, it has remained member free, and has united countless fish together, many successfully.
To this day, And... They Call It Guppy Love is ranked as the best online tropical fish dating agency. And, incidentally, the only online tropical fish dating agency. So what are you waiting for? You don't have any choice. Book now to avoid disappointment. Your fish will love you. Although maybe not as much as their date.

Company Address

And... They Call It Guppy Love
26b Armstrong Road
North East Industrial Estate
County Durham

Tel: (0191) xxx xxxx Can't read the phone number? Then please click HERE to download and install a brain, as this site is purely ficticious, and hence I would not want to accidentally display a real phone number.

Office Opening Hours: 11:00am-16:00pm (although closed for lunch between 11:30am and 14:30pm)

This site and its contents are purely ficticious and its resemblance to any person, fish, or any other member of the aquatic society, real or imaginary, is purely coincidental.
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