Welcome to The Floating Widget

I'll be updating this with some actual interesting information in a while...
Even then it still won't be hugely interesting by any stretch of the imagination but it keeps my web development skills fresh and helps prevent boredom.


Webspace/Domain History
Nov 03 - Sep 04: Website first launched with Blueyonder, URL was http://www.thefloatingwidget.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/
Oct 04 - Aug 05: ISP switch to Plus.Net, URL became http://www.xenocracy.plus.com/thefloatingwidget/
Sep 05 - Apr 06: ISP switch to Tiscali, URL became http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/thefloatingwidget/

12/02/2004 - Dmain www.thefloatingwidget.tk acquired , using frames page to point to ISP webspace.
20/04/2006 - Domain www.thefloatingwidget.net bought , hosted with 500servers.com.
26/01/2013 - Now hosted with webhost.uk.net.

Website tip: if you resize your browser window (vertically), press F5 and the text window will rescale to fit. I don't know how to do this automatically (yet). <== somebody tell me!